No Vacancy is a Cedar Falls hidden gem located inside the wine cellar of 419 Main Street. Rumor has it No Vacancy is a haunted space. Flickering light bulbs, objects falling on their own, and many customers & employees have experienced chills just being down there. The history of the building is frightening. Witches used to hold meetings in this basement and some frightening things happened. The saga continues as former owner Russell Wasendorf is currently serving a 50-year sentence for fraud & embezzlement. No Vacancy is a small intimate space that fits just 20 people. Our chairs were brought in from MGM Las Vegas & our specialty drink menu is unique. No Vacancy is open to the public between 6 PM – Midnight on Fridays & Saturdays. We are also available for all types of private parties. No Vacancy is the sister venue to Mob Bar which is located upstairs.